Empowering New Zealand's leading Start-ups.


Tuhua is a fund that invests in New Zealand’s leading start-ups.  Our partnership with The Icehouse and the ICE Angels enables us to provide an unprecedented amount of resource and support to start-ups. We’re here to give start-ups the tools for the hunt.

Tuhua is the Maori word for obsidian volcanic glass. It was a prized tool used for hunting in New Zealand and has a rich history with the earliest known blades dating back to 700,000 BC. Well-crafted obsidian blades can have a cutting edge many times sharper than high-quality steel surgical scalpels.

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We co-invest alongside capable lead investors amplifying their access to capital, networks and talent.

If other investors have set the terms, Tuhua can invest up to $250k within 7 days alongside those investors.

We empower emerging angel-stage companies with extensive resource and connections to accelerate growth and scale internationally.

Tuhua can invest up to $1m into angel-stage start-ups and we prefer to represent no more than 50% of a round.

We enable seed-stage entrepreneurs with active guidance to validate markets, build product and identify their path to scale.

Tuhua can invest up to $300k into start-ups’ first seed rounds and we prefer to represent no more than 75% of a round.

Our Investments

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We are interested in connecting with and investing in visionary, genuine, and driven entrepreneurs from across New Zealand. We are generally industry and stage agnostic and are interested in learning more if you have the following features: unique insights or perspectives relevant to your opportunity, experience building start-ups and leading teams, breakthrough technology driven by ultra-high output team members, IP or a defendable competitive advantage, a large, growing, and durable target market.

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